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£100 million house building programme planned for Doncaster

Mayor Ros Jones and her Cabinet are set to consider plans for an ambitious new housebuilding programme which will see £100million invested in new affordable homes in Doncaster over the next five years.

The report goes to Cabinet on Tuesday 12 January 2021 and, if approved, will see an updated Housing Strategy 2015-2025 and a New Homes Delivery Plan build on the tremendous work over the previous five years.

The Delivery Plan will see the delivery of new homes accelerated from 10 years down to five years.

Cllr Glyn Jones, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Housing and Equalities, said: “We have a first class track record of delivering new homes and we want to build on that success.

“We are committed to investing in an aspirational housebuilding programme creating more new affordable homes in all parts of the borough.

“We are looking to invest in high quality, super energy efficient, greener homes that meet the needs and wants of Doncaster residents, support wellbeing and independence and help with our climate change and biodiversity emergency agenda.

“We want to support our local economy and help with the revitalisation of our town centres and communities. Top quality, new homes certainly deliver on this front.

“The new Housing Strategy and accompanying Delivery Plan for new homes will help us create homes fit for the future. We want good homes for everyone.”

Between 2015 and 2020 the council’s efforts saw 925 new affordable homes built. This included £54million of council investment to provide over 400 new council homes.

The new council housebuilding programme will be split into three delivery phases over the next five years through to 2025 with an ambition to build over 500 new council homes.

The plans will also see further affordable homes for families, older people and residents with special needs worked up and delivered through partnerships with housing associations and the private sector.

Engagement with private developers will also expand the choice of quality new homes right across the borough. This will help satisfy housing needs and meet the targets set out in the new Local Plan.

The new developments will be built on land already identified for housing and where ever possible mainly brownfield sites.

As well as providing new homes that meet demand, the new Housing Strategy will look to reduce levels of homelessness and rough sleeping, bring more empty homes back into use and improve decency standards and housing conditions.

As homes have a powerful influence on our health and wellbeing, the Housing Strategy aims to enhance safety and housing conditions to provide good homes for everyone.

The council will aim to complete a new Private Sector Housing Stock Condition Survey as the bedrock for targeted support and enforcement to tackle poor property conditions in private sector homes, and working more proactively with landlords and tenants will be an important part of this process too.

People will receive more support and guidance to make their homes more energy efficient through better insulation and heating and encouraged to take up the Government’s Green Homes Grants.

A long term housing retrofit programme will also be established to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions from homes. This will unlock the ability and appetite for people to make improvements to their own homes that protect their future independent living and have a positive impact on the environment.

This will support the ambitions of the Doncaster Climate and Biodiversity Commission.

Cllr Jones added: “Councils working alone cannot meet the challenges we face from climate change and an ageing population. By working with our residents, community organisations and other partners, we can help the people of Doncaster to protect their independence and wellbeing. We want to enable and support people to plan, act and invest in their homes.”

The council will work closely with a range of partners such as St Leger Homes to help with the implementation of the new strategy and plans.

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