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Benefits of Magazine Advertising

Local magazines keep us in touch and up to date with our local area. They are interesting and a useful source of information. For advertisers they are the perfect niche publication. Here’s why: 

Your perfect target market
If your business is local, then your local magazine is the perfect way to speak directly to your potential customers. The readers of these local magazines care about the area where they live. They feel pride in their community so they will be interested in you too.

Getting noticed
There’s a lot of media traffic out there, which we learn to filter it. In a magazine, there are only a certain number of pages, with minimal advertisements on each page. You have a much better chance of being noticed and your local advertisements will be more memorable than their digital equivalents.

Readers trust local content
Fake news and cybercrime have made many people hesitant about online engagement over the years. When readers trust the content, they trust the advertisers within the magazine and are more likely to use their services.

Opportunities to be seen
While social media is ‘in the moment’ advertising and internet users are served hundreds of adverts per day, your local magazine has staying power. It might stay on a sideboard, coffee table, in an office or café, until the next edition is published. It could also be shared with family and friends. That means your advertisement can be seen repeatedly and has real staying power.

Staying power
In all likelihood your local magazine has been around for a long time, so people recognise the magazine and its value. Commit to a long-term campaign of advertising and you can build your recognition over time. Many customers advertise for years because they build up recognition, familiarity and trust among the community with long-term campaigns.

Brand power
Create consistency across all your advertising channels is imperative, so wherever people come into contact with you they will see the same messages. Inconsistent branding confuses people. If you’re consistent in how you talk about your brand, products, and offers, the readers will understand faster.

Additional opportunities
Your local magazine will have an excellent distribution network. If you want to accompany your advertising with an offer or leaflet you know it will arrive safely. Your extra promotional material is much more likely to be read when it arrives with a trusted local publication.

You know exactly when your advertisement will appear and where, so you can measure your response. Make your call to action very specific and you will be able to gauge exactly how effective your advertisement campaign has been.

For all your advertising and marketing requirements contact one to our team today and discover more about the power of local advertising.



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