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Children’s Trust ‘goes purple’ for Domestic Abuse month

Doncaster Children’s Services Trust has gone purple throughout October to raise awareness and encourage everyone to speak up about domestic abuse.

The Trusts is advocating throughout the month for the victims, survivors and those who need support by wearing the colour purple – a color that symbolizes survival, courage, and peace.

Working as part of Doncaster’s Domestic Abuse Hub alongside a cluster of specialist agencies the Trust works to support those effected by domestic abuse to deal with the impact of the actions that effect children, young people and families across the Borough.

In 2020, domestic violence and abuse affected more than 9,852 people with Doncaster, which has risen over the past two years as a result of the lockdown. In response to this and out of a desire to link more closely with Doncaster residents, the Trust and Doncaster Council have developed a new role of Community Engagement Worker. This role will link with our local communities, community groups, businesses and organisations to raise awareness of domestic abuse and avenues of support for both victims and children and also for the person causing the harm and encourage a community where ‘we don’t accept domestic abuse’ becomes part of the fabric of community life.

So far, 90 people within our community have signed up to join the Trusts work as a Community Domestic Abuse Champion, a volunteer role that gives an individual an awareness of domestic abuse and the knowledge of local and national support services for signposting victims, survivors and those who need support within the community to the correct place of care.

Alicia Lee, Senior Domestic Abuse Navigator at the Trust said: “We are delighted to be showing our support and going purple this month to expand awareness of the services that are on offer for those affected by domestic abuse, regardless of whether they are the victim and any children or the person worried about their behaviour.

Having a new role of Community Engagement Worker will strengthen links with our communities, the places where people experience domestic abuse or know of someone who is or has.

We hope to use this month to encourage people to have more conversations about domestic abuse and to expand the interest in becoming a Community Domestic Abuse Champion. We know domestic abuse is something that often takes place behind closed doors and has historically been seen as a private matter. We want to encourage discussion, ensure that people know there is support out there and that they can get the help they need. Ultimately this will improve knowledge of support services and improve outcomes for families”

The Trust urgently need more people beyond their walls to step forward and help spread the word that domestic abuse is not accepted in our communities and that everyone can get the help and support they need.

By the end of Domestic Abuse Awareness month the Trust have set to achieve the ambitious target of 100 new registrations to be a Domestic Abuse Champion.

For more information and to sign up, please email or call 07970275427.

To find out more about Doncaster Children’s Services Trust and the work they do to please visit:


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