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Council set to bid for £50million of Government funding

Mayor Ros Jones and Cabinet will consider two Towns Fund bids totalling £50million on Tuesday, 26 January to help transform Doncaster and Stainforth town centres.

The funding will support a number of regeneration projects drawn up by the Doncaster and Stainforth Town Deal Boards and shaped by the views of people who live, work and visit the two town centres.

The major improvement schemes feature in dedicated Town Investment Plans which, if backed by the Government, will see Doncaster and Stainforth each receive £25million to make them a reality.

Ros Jones, Mayor of Doncaster, said: “We have great potential which is matched by our unrivalled ambition to make Doncaster a truly great place for all of our communities.

“With the help and support of residents and businesses we have pulled together comprehensive investment plans which set out a series of projects for Doncaster and Stainforth that will have a transformational and inspirational effect for generations to come.

“We have been undertaking a significant regeneration programme in Doncaster in recent years and we want to continue the upward trajectory to create more opportunities for our residents. The Town Deals are part of an overarching framework for the development of both Doncaster and Stainforth, setting out a rationale for change and, more importantly, regeneration and improvements for our communities. At a time of such economic uncertainty, the need to deliver a significant economic uplift for both Doncaster and Stainforth has never been more crucial if we are to secure the anticipated levels of employment and business growth for both areas.

“We have pulled together strong bids totalling £50million of government money to be pumped into our borough to deliver vital schemes that would help contribute to our vision for the borough of Doncaster. It’s been a real Team Doncaster effort.”

In regards to Doncaster Town Centre, the Town Deal Board, working closely with a range of partners and listening carefully to the people of Doncaster initially identified over 140 projects which through a rigorous selection process and ensuring alignment to the existing Doncaster Urban Centre Masterplan were whittled down to three transformational proposals. 

These proposals will deliver a transformation of the ‘gateway’ into Doncaster town centre and stimulate long-term economic investment and growth. This will lead to a greater diversity of the town centre economy, providing people with more opportunities for learning, skills, employment, leisure and housing.

Railway forecourt extension
This scheme will extend the new look square outside Doncaster railway station. Creating additional public space will further enhance the route into the town centre, providing visitors with an even better first impression of Doncaster.  One of the most important indirect benefits of this project is raised aspiration for the community of Doncaster and increased perception of the town as a great place to visit and of which to be rightly proud.

Multi-use building and public realm
This project will create new office space close to Doncaster railway station. A four or five storey building at this key Doncaster gateway will help create new jobs, enterprise and encourage further investment for the town centre.  It is planned for this new building to be a springboard project not just for the Gateway district as a whole, but also for the greater town centre masterplan.

Heritage pot
This proposal will commission feasibility studies of identified heritage sites to define a new future for these sites. Working with key stakeholders the studies will identify how these sites can be brought back to life so people can experience and enjoy them once again.

These plans will revamp an important gateway into Doncaster town centre and enhance Doncaster’s heritage. This will provide greater diversity of the town centre economy and offer new opportunities for learning, skills, jobs, leisure and housing. The projects complement the Doncaster Urban Centre Masterplan.

A number of projects are being put forward for Stainforth.

Station gateway
This proposal will transform the gateway between the station and the town by creating a high quality arrival experience. A bespoke replacement overbridge, of architectural significance, would be a visible sign of investment and regeneration in Stainforth.

Town Centre hub
This scheme will focus on improving the sense of place and support business growth in the town centre. It includes a raft of initiatives including streetscape and shop front improvements, a new civic space and a new community hub to enhance people’s perceptions, drive footfall to the town and support the regeneration of Stainforth.

Activated network
An enhanced street network in Stainforth will create a safer and more attractive place helping to support regeneration and growth. A new CCTV network will deter crime and anti-social behaviour and a new link will connect East Lane with the Unity Way roundabout.

Headstock Park
This project will see the former colliery headstocks restored to become an iconic site and visitor centre. New infrastructure will help unlock employment land and a new country park will provide a wonderful new green space for outdoor events and activities.

These projects will enable Stainforth to unlock its full potential to grow with pride, energy and ambition. Developing the existing town and community assets and act as a catalyst for positive future change and opportunity. The overarching vision for Stainforth builds on the Stainforth Neighbourhood Plan.

John Roe, Founder and Managing Director of Roeville, a Stainforth-based Software House and Chair of the Stainforth Town Deal Board, said: “I am proud to chair Stainforth Town Deal Board and the proposed projects are a generational opportunity to return prosperity and pride to the people of Stainforth.

“This Plan is about seeking out opportunity and securing the glue required to bind a well thought out Neighbourhood Plan with a timely initiative to develop the old colliery site and adjacent land bounded by the M18 Corridor.  It is about providing real hope, aspirations, jobs, housing, positive health outcomes linked to town centre development, a country park and better streetscaping.”

The Towns Fund is a Government scheme for towns like Doncaster and Stainforth to boost economic productivity and support sustainable growth.

Doncaster and Stainforth are two of the 101 towns across the country eligible to bid for the fund.

Subject to Cabinet approval, the council will submit both Town Investment Plans to Government with further news on the bids expected later in the year.

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