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Discover a lost victorian marvel

There will soon be an opportunity for members of the public to find out all about Doncaster’s amazing lost Sand House. There are guided walks of the area where it once stood, planned for Sunday 12th September. The walks, at 11am and repeated at 2pm, will be led by Richard Bell, Chair of Trustees of The Sand House Charity and a direct descendant of the man who created the Sand House.

The house was carved from solid rock in the 1850s, in a small quarry just south of Doncaster town centre. It also had a network of tunnels connected to it. Although the house was destroyed around 1938, local people still remember the tunnels, many of which survived until the 1980s. Some of them were decorated with wonderful carvings, including one of a full-size elephant.

Places on the guided walks MUST be pre-booked, as attendance is limited for safety reasons. Please phone Richard Bell on 07777 688438 to book a place.

The 90-minute walks, which take place as part of Heritage Open Days 2021, are free of charge, but donations to support the work of The Sand House Charity are greatly appreciated. Find out more at

Speaking about the forthcoming walks, Richard Bell said “The Sand House and its tunnels may have disappeared, but the clues to their former existence are still very much there. With the help of historic photos and maps, visitors will learn how the Sand House developed and where it stood. They will stand directly above where the iconic Elephant and Mahout sculpture lies buried deep underground”.

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