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Doncaster celebrates Foster Care Fortnight

Trust Fostering recently celebrated Foster Care fortnight which finished on 22nd May. The trust is calling for more residents to step forward and support a Doncaster child.

Trust Fostering, who delivers fostering services on behalf of Doncaster Council, is supporting the annual awareness campaign, organised by national charity The Fostering Network, which aims to highlight the pivotal role that foster carers play in our community.

This year’s theme was #FosteringCommunities celebrating the strength and resilience of our fostering communities and all that they do to ensure local children and young people are cared for and supported to thrive. Foster carers are at the heart of our local community helping children and young people to stay living near the people and places they know.

Throughout the fortnight foster carers shared their experiences of fostering through events and on the Trust social media channels to display their passion of ensuring local children remain safe so they can reach their full potential.

Janet, a carer who has been fostering in Doncaster for 44 years said: “My fostering community matters to me because I’ve been doing it for so many years and every child counts.”

Fostering is a rewarding role that will challenge you to grow as a person, but most importantly as a parent. Trust Fostering are now looking for new fostering families to join their community in 2022, by offer a welcome and supportive environment where carers are supported not only by the team but by each other.

Michelle, one of the lovely carers with Trust fostering echoed: “The Trust fostering community matters to me because they provide support, advice and laughter. They really are my family.”

Becky Pearson, Head of Fostering Service, said: “Our fostering communities make a significant difference to the lives of children and young people. It enables Doncaster children to remain close to their family, friends, school and activities which means so much to them.”

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