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Doncaster Council featured in World War I Commemoration

Elmfield Park, adjacent to Doncaster’s Cenotaph War Memorial, has been put forward to become a designated area of protected space for years to come.

As part of a UK-wide World War I remembrance – more than a century on from the Great War – Doncaster Council is taking steps to honour the memories of those soldiers who fought and died in conflict by designating the park as a Centenary Field.

This designation, as part of a national commemoration programme by Fields in Trust, will ensure it will remain available as a recreational space for the community forever.

The park was officially opened on the 12th of March 1923, the same day as the Cenotaph which honours the towns fallen was unveiled.

Mayor Ros Jones, said: “We are delighted to participate in the Fields in Trust Centenary Fields programme to publicly demonstrate our gratitude to the World War I generation in this unique way.

“Protecting Elmfield Park means our local community will always have somewhere for play, sport – or a quiet moment of reflection – and we are pleased to mark the protection of parks and green spaces across the UK in the WWI commemorations.”

Fields in Trust’s Centenary Fields project is working in partnership with The Royal British Legion to protect parks and green spaces in perpetuity as an innovative way to honour the memory of the World War I servicemen and also those, military and civilian, who played their part on the home-front to build a better life for the benefit of generations to come.

Tim Phillips, Chairman of Trustees, Fields in Trust said: “We congratulate Doncaster Council for nominating Elmfield Park as a Centenary Field. It will be included forever in our national programme to commemorate World War I. Protection of this site not only recognises the sacrifices of those who gave their lives during the conflict, but also ensures that future generations have valuable green space to enjoy as a living legacy.”

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