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Doncaster school pupils inspired by the biggest ever football session 

Female pupils from Tranmoor Primary in Armthorpe welcomed coaches from Edenthorpe Juniors Football Club (EJFC) recently, to talk all things football and to be able to showcase their skills in a full days PE session.

Coaches from the local club put on a fun packed football session for the girls in years 1 – 6 at the primary school, to give them the opportunity to have fun, learn new skills and to see if the sport could be for them.

The event was inspired by the FA’s Girls Football School Partnership, a nationwide scheme that aims to mainstream football in school for girls all inline with International Women’s Day.

Terri-Leigh Liddle, PE Co-ordinator at the school said: “I contacted Mark at Edenthorpe Juniors as he had played a pivotal role in my daughter’s football journey and wanted to invite him along with the other coaches, to be able to offer the girls in the school the fantastic experience my daughter had been lucky to already have had with the clubs Wildcats programme.

“Having spoken to a few of the girls in school about football, a lot of them had never played, didn’t think it was fun or saw it purely as a boy’s sport. I wanted Mark and the team to come in and educate the girls that football could indeed be fun, that lots of women play and to introduce those to the sport that had never had the opportunity to play.”

Mark Greenwood, Vice Chairman of EJFC and female development lead said: “Wow, what a day we had with the Tranmoor pupils last week. It was great to see so many girls being given the opportunity to try out football.

“Myself and Rob Champion, as coaches got so much out of the day too, it was so much fun and seeing how the girls enjoyed themselves and was extremely rewarding. Several of the girls wanted to find out more information on our teams available to them as they had enjoyed themselves so much.

“Thank you to Tranmoor for inviting us in, we very much look forward to teaming up again soon.”

Following on from this successful session, the school now plans to put together a girl’s football team which will travel across the borough taking part in tournaments taking on other schools.

Terri-Leigh concluded: “I spoke with a year2 child before the session and she told me that she didn’t like football. I caught up with her after the session and she now wants to play for a team and to have it as her main hobby.

“Thank you to Mark and the coaches from EJFC, you have shown our pupils that football can be fun, the smiles on their faces spoke volumes, and you have engaged with potential budding footballers of the future.”

The football club offers five girls teams, a ladies team and is currently recruiting for players for five new ones.

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