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Doncaster’s alternative healthcare service specialising in relaxation gets the seal of approval

Why not get over your January blues and spoil yourself with a relaxing, stress-free treatment. We visited Phoenix Therapy Healthcare which specialises in relaxation and stress management.

Karen White, owner of Phoenix Therapy Healthcare, told Doncaster Echo: “In today’s fast-paced life it is all too easy to forget about self-care and self-preservation. We don’t notice that our bodies are burning out until they are burnt out.”

The therapy centre, based in Thorne, offers a variety of packages and programmes which all aim to help you deeply relax, recuperate and restore balance in your life on all levels. Karen has over 20 years of experience as a therapist and counsellor and confidently calls herself an ‘expert’ in holistic health, body work and mind-care.

Daniella Dennis, from Doncaster Echo, went to try out the Sound Frequency Healing treatment, a deep relaxation and repair process which re-balances your energy levels, releases trapped emotions, strengthens your immune system and repairs DNA by penetrating vibrations into your body, sending thousands of neurotransmitters to your brain signalling a repair process.

Daniella told Doncaster Echo: “Although apprehensive when I arrived as I had never tried anything like this before, or even heard of it for that matter, Karen made me feel at ease.

“The whole experience blew me away, I have never felt so relaxed and so good. I am still speechless even now.”

Daniella added: “This is something that can’t be explained but everyone needs to experience, it’s like I felt an entire energy shift deep within my body. I certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a therapy, Karen was lovely and has a wealth of knowledge.”

Sound frequency healing is just one of the many therapies offered within the therapy centre. Phoenix Therapy offers complete wellbeing packages such as ‘V.I.P’ Mind, Body & Soul Rehabilitation’, ‘Pamper me Positive’ and ‘Relax and Restore’.

All the programmes are unique and are not available anywhere else in the UK as they have all been designed and delivered by Karen.

So, if you are wanting real results, full body rejuvenation and a personal well-being coach, why not give Karen a call on 07775 881957.

Or visit the Facebook page @phoenixtherapyhealthcare to find out what others had to say.

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