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Estabulo takes a different approach this Christmas donates £5,000 to homeless charity

The Brazillian all-you-can-eat restaurant has announced that this year they will not be putting Christmas decorations up in their restaurants.

If you have visited Doncaster’s Estabulo recently, you may notice that there isn’t any Christmas decorations in the restaurant, that’s because this year there won’t be any.

Instead, the £2,500 that would have been used to decorate the restaurants, along with another £2500, has been donated to a local homeless charity to help keep those living on the streets warm this Christmas. The money will go towards buying warm sleeping bags to be handed out to ensure those who do not have a home this Christmas. 200 sleeping bags will be split between seven areas where Esatublo has a restaurant, working with national and local charities such as the Salvation Army to help those keep warm this Christmas.

Estabulo guarantees there will still be plenty of festive cheer and Christmas spirit present when you visit them this Christmas, they just wanted to keep those who are less fortunate in their thoughts.

Becky, from Estabulo Head Office, told Doncaster Echo: “We hope this campaign encourages others to think about how they can also help the homeless this winter.

“Not everyone has a shelter they can visit so these sleeping bags will provide warmth.”

We think this is a brilliant idea from Estabulo and their generosity to the homeless is fantastic!

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