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From a police perspective: Edlington’s police station will reopen in 2020

Chief Superintendent Shaun Morley tells Doncaster Echo readers about the new plans for the Doncaster Neighbourhood Policing Team in 2020.

Following the news that there will be 20 additional officers joining the Doncaster Neighbourhood Policing Team in 2020, it has now been announced that Edlington’s police station will re-open in the New Year.

While there has always been a police presence across the borough, Edlington hasn’t had its own station for a number of years. Back in 2018, the site, on Main Avenue, opened to the public two days a week, and served more as a hub for various community services than a conventional police station.

It always remained open for officers to use as a base, but the public has not been able to use it to contact officers.

Having listened to the community’s concerns about the area, Chief Superintendent Shaun Morley has now committed additional resources to ensure a visible and dedicated police presence for Edlington.

He explains: “Neighbourhood policing is a key part of our long-term strategy for Doncaster, and across South Yorkshire. Now that I have access to additional resources for the borough it’s right that they are re-invested into the areas that need it the most.

“With a policing team at the centre of Edlington village, we can continue to build on the work we have already started. We’ve chosen Edlington as the first area to benefit from its own community team because of the policing need there, particularly in terms of antisocial behaviour issues.

“Funding is already in place for more officers, and our ambition is that over the next three years we will be back at pre-austerity levels of policing in terms of the number of officers that we have.

“This is a hugely positive step forward for those who live, work and spend time in Edlington. If you see officers out and about today, please do stop for a chat and let them know your thoughts on our plans. We want to see Edlington thrive, but we can only make that happen with the help and support of other partners who work in the area, and you, the community.”

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