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From a police perspective: Keeping Doncaster safe

Inspector Mark Payling, who has recently taken over from Inspector Lynne Lancaster for the area, explains what the team has been up to recently.

August was a busy month for the Doncaster Central Neighbourhood Policing Team, who have been focusing on tackling antisocial behaviour, drug use, burglary and improving police visibility in your area.

We’ve seen some really positive results over the last month in the central area. Our teams have recovered quantities of drugs, including spice and cannabis, from a number of properties, and several people have been arrested in connection to this.

In one instance, in the Wheatley area, 250 cannabis plants were seized. We know the negative and often devastating impact drugs can have on a community, which is why we are committed to tackling the supply and distribution of them.

We’ve also had positive feedback from the local community around speeding operations our PCSOs have been carrying out. They regularly conduct speed gun checks on various roads where we know speeding is an issue, and often they get school children involved to help.

We find this works really well in terms of educating and informing drivers of the speed limit and dangers of speeding. Over the last month, hundreds of vehicles have been checked.

In addition, we’ve been focusing on concerns around begging in the town centre, working with the council to move people on, issue dispersal notices and direct them to any support they may need.

This forms part of our high-visibility patrol plan, not just in the town centre, but across every area we cover. We want you to see us around and know that we’re here, should you need to speak to anyone about crime in your area. These patrol plans also act as a deterrent for antisocial behaviour.”

For more information about what your Central neighbourhood team are working on, following them on Facebook, ‘Doncaster Central NHP’ or on Twitter @DoncCentralNHP

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