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From a police perspective: Resident’s praise for Doncaster policing team

This month we cover some of the good work the team have being doing out in the community.

A victim of a distressing burglary has thanked the officers who were “Kind, helpful and supportive” at a time when she was upset and vulnerable following the ordeal at her home in Armthorpe.

The woman, who has asked not to be named, got home on Saturday 6 April to find she and her husband had been the victims of a break-in. She immediately called 999 as she believed the intruders had just left the scene.

She said: “From the moment an officer first came to my home I felt fully supported.

“The Crime Scene Investigator, CID team and Community Support Officer all took the time to let me know what was happening and make sure that I was comfortable. I even got a text message from Victim Support letting me know what help was available if I needed it.

“Each person who was part of the investigation team was kind, helpful and showed great empathy when I was in shock at the state of my home, and at what had happened.

“I know how overstretched and in demand police services are, but felt everyone has and is doing their utmost to find the culprits which has made me feel a great deal better.

“The police are rarely given praise for the work they do and I feel I need to pass on my feelings of gratitude to highlight how hard they worked to make a difficult time easier for me.”

Inspector for Doncaster Reactive CID, Anna Sedgwick said: “We know how distressing it is to be the victim of a burglary. The feeling that somebody has been in your home and been through your personal belongings is awful to experience.

“With that in mind, my team always tries their hardest to show care and consideration when working with a victim. Clearly, they have a job to do, but that does not mean that they don’t have the time to make sure that those who have been affected are looked after and reassured.

“I would like to commend DC Joanna Vine, DC Jane Keightley, PC Matt Lewis, PC Karla Shaw and PCSO Graeme Duffin for providing such excellent service. This level of care is fantastic to see, and is what we all strive to achieve”.

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