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Get all your legal questions answered – part four

Our friends at Taylor Bracewell are back again answering all your legal questions that you have sent in. If you have any legal enquiries or concerns, be sure to email us at to receive expert help free of charge.

My holiday provider cancelled our flights one hour before departure, refused to put us up in a hotel overnight and actually charged us extra to fly the next day! Is this legal?
To be able to advise you we would need specific details, however we can confirm some general guidance. If your flight was to leave the UK, you may be entitled to assistance or compensation. Depending upon the distance that you were to travel and the length of the delay there may be an obligation on the airline to provide you with food and drink, accommodation (if delayed overnight) and travel to that accommodation and assistance with phone calls/emails.

My wedding venue pulled out with only two weeks to go. We didn’t have a contract in place (we were told constantly it was in the post!), this meant we had to cancel everything, as we had no time to find a replacement venue. We lost over £1,600 in deposits. Can we claim this from the venue? We didn’t have wedding insurance.
I can fully appreciate how upsetting it must be to have this happen to you on such a special occasion. When you state that you did not have a contract, I assume that you mean that you did not have a written contract with the venue provider. However the fact that you have agreed terms with them and paid a deposit means that you had a verbal contract with them. As the venue cancelled they have breached that contract. The difficulties with verbal contracts are proving the exact terms that apply, however, the date was clearly agreed.

Me and my partner have split, we have no children, but we do own a French bulldog. We both paid the same amount towards the dog, what rights do I have? At the moment she isn’t letting me see him.
If you cannot agree matters with your partner directly, you might want to refer to a mediation service. This may help you to reach an agreement as to the time you each spend with your dog. The ownership of the dog depends on whether you are married and if not, who the registered owner of the dog might be. It may be possible to make an application to the small claims court or in a marital context. However, this would be costly and should be avoided. Mediation may be the best way forward and you can access a local mediator online.

I am looking into running football classes (voluntarily, I don’t want to make a profit) for children in my area. It is something I have always wanted to do, but never got round to as I thought there would a number of different steps. Do I need a CRB check?
If the children will be unsupervised at any time during the classes then a Disclosure and Barring Service search (the replacement for Criminal Records Bureaux CRB searches) will be required, even though it is a voluntary role.

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