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Have you put off writing a will due to shielding?

Business expert Katherine Rowell from D&K Wills talks to us about how the industry has been making changes to allow people to put a will in place safely in a Covid-compliant environment.

For many, the current pandemic has acted as a catalyst for wanting to put a will or lasting power of attorney in place. However, due to shielding, social distancing or concerns for health they have put this on hold.

There are more options available now for putting a will into place. As well as face to face, many will advisers, including ourselves, are doing Zoom/Skype appointments, telephone appointments and taking many more details using online forms.

These allow for wills to be put into place remotely with no direct contact needed between yourself and us. Wills can then be posted out with full instructions of how to ensure that these are signed correctly.

However, for those who are either unable to use online technology or who prefer to still see someone face to face, many will writers are still operating in person with appointments preferably outdoors where the risk of transmission is lower. They will also use appropriate PPE such as face masks and hand sanitiser.

One benefit of this is that the signing of the wills can still be witnessed to be sure that they have been done compliantly. We have seen some great examples of flexibility in this area with wills being witnessed through windows, on garden tables outside and even on car bonnets.

Regardless of your circumstances during this pandemic, will writers will endeavour to help you put a valid will into place so that you have the peace of mind knowing that your wishes can be respected after you have passed away.

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