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How Slimming World improved my physical and mental health

Sara has been crowned her local Slimming World groups ‘Woman of the Year’ after losing a staggering 5 stone 8 pounds and is well on her way to her dream weight. Sara’s story is initially one of sadness and heartache, after always suffered with weight problems since being a child and trying various “yo-yo” diets over the years, in September 2011 Sara sadly lost her father to cancer on her wedding day. This devastating news sent Sara into a spiral of depression and anxiety which led her to excessive drinking and living on takeaways. It wasn’t until one unfortunate evening Sara had a nasty accident and broke her ankle that she decided she needed to change her lifestyle, alongside advice from her consultant at the hospital.

Sara told Doncaster Echo: “I was trying yet another ‘fad’ diet that week, this one being a meal replacement diet using shakes, I had only had one shake on the day of my accident and was so ravenous I caved in to a chip butty, I was out drinking with friends and had one too many, I went outside with my friend to have a cigarette and I just blacked out, I woke up with my friends face in mine and my leg tucked awkwardly under me, I had broken my ankle on both sides.

“After a week long stay in the hospital due to complications in the surgery caused by my lifestyle this was the wake up call I needed. It took 2 years for me to fully recover from my accident where I loosely followed Slimming World at home using the magazines I had bought from the Shop. I had decided a long time before joining Slimming World that I was going to take the plunge, I had seen many posters and leaflets in my area advertising my local group, so, as soon as I was ready and with the encouragement of friends and family I finally joined in March 2019.”

Sara brought her husband along to the first group with her as well as going with a friend who was already a member, Sara admits due to her depression and anxiety she didn’t feel confident enough to go on her own.

Sara added: “Everyone was so welcoming and lovely when I got to group, were now like a family.”

Sara’s consultant Laura says: “Sara is now able to come to group without her husband and friend as her confidence has grown so much since joining and the whole group welcomed her with open arms, just like they do with anyone joining or visiting the group.”

Sara has suffered with medical problems related to her weight, needing medication for most, the biggest one being her depression, with the help of changing her eating habits and how she now perceives food Sara has managed to reduce many of her medications and is feeling much healthier for it.

Slimming World has helped Sara completely change her approach to food: “I used to order a lot of takeaways and use a lot of jars for the sauces of my meals which contained lots of hidden sugars, now I cook from scratch and make a Slimming World ‘fakeaway’ rather than order the real thing. I have started batch cooking to save time in the week and also swapped chocolate for fruits and yogurts.”

Since joining Slimming World Sara has also become more active by doing a lot more walking and has also been able to join the gym where she also swims. Sara’s next ambition is to start hill walking and mounting climbing.

Since joining Slimming World Sara’s husband has also lost 2 stones just by eating the food she’s been eating, Sara says she encourages anyone she can to try Slimming World as the effects for her have been so life changing. Sara further added: “If I can do it, anyone can, you just have to be ready.”

Sara’s consultant Laura told Doncaster Echo: “Sara has overcome so many devastating events in her life causing many health issues, on top of this the heart-breaking passing of her beloved dad. She is an inspiration to the rest of the group and is deserving of her Woman of the Year title with an amazing 5 stones 8 pounds loss to date. Sara is a wonderful lady and it is a pleasure to have her in group. She is a true advocate for Slimming World.”

If you would like to meet more inspirational people like Sara and take a step towards achieving your weight loss dreams, then pop along to your local slimming world group. Sara attends her group at Alexander House, Askern, Doncaster with her consultant Laura who can be contacted on 07964 677240 for more information and joining offers.


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