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Keyworkers nominated in Staff Excellence Awards

Two hundred and twenty four nominations have been received for Doncaster Children’s Services Trust social care staff and its partner organisations for the Trust’s 2020 Star Awards.

The awards are particularly pertinent this year as they are for staff who are viewed as doing a great job by colleagues or partners.

The majority of the Trust’s services have operated as normal throughout the year  with of course Covid-19 measures put in place to keep our staff and children and families they come into contact with as safe as possible. So for this, alone all of our staff are Stars.

The number of nominations received has exceeded other years, which was not anticipated at all by those who organise the awards in the Trust.

Lorraine Eastham, Head of Organisational Development and Human Resources and organiser of the event said: “This year has been unprecedented and our staff have risen to the challenge and continued to ensure children and families across the Borough have the right social care support at the right time. The Star awards are a great way of recognising the invaluable hard work and effort our staff and partners have put into their roles throughout the year. All that have been nominated should feel immensely proud of their achievements, especially during the challenging year we have faced.”

The awards cover every aspect of the services including recognising children’s social workers, social care and youth support service staff, business support. All of the workforce have the opportunity to be recognized.

Usually there is a celebration held locally in Doncaster which is partially sponsored by supplier partners to the Trust. For this year’s awards we are having to think differently and planning is underway for a virtual celebration as well as the more traditional one. But either way the thirty-nine finalists for the thirteen awards will feel well and truly recognised for their outstanding achievements and perseverance throughout the past year.

The finalists will be decided by a panel of staff who are this week embarking on reading through all two hundred and twenty four nominations to whittle it down to three finalists per award.

Hannah, who was our 2019 Social Worker of the Year commented:

“It’s great to be part of an organisation that recognises the hard work shown by members of its team. Being recognised for your commitment to your work is a really encouraging experience, and gives you a real boost to continue striving for the best outcomes for our young people”.

If you would like to be a part of team that recognises excellence, please click here.

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