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Local girl becomes double British BMX Champion

A pupil at Hungerhill School, Ava, 14, has been racing for six years. This years British title was won by riding in an age group higher than hers, the aged 15 group.

The talented local girl is also part of the National Race School, run by British Cycling, and the Doncaster BMX club. This started in 2010 as part of a school PE curriculum and local community facility.

Based in Balby, Doncaster, off Weston Road, the club runs coaching sessions on Saturdays mornings and Wednesday evenings. The club is part of the British Cycling’s Midlands region and holds a yearly race as part of a 10-part regional series.

The club has been very successful in its nine years with multiple British Champions as well as European & World Championship Finalists.

being part of the National Race Team Odum Racing and training at Nate Parsons Strength & Conditioning in Rugby, Warwickshire. Ava also takes part on the track coaching with a number of Elite Riders including double world champion Ross Cullen. Ava has also made previous European Champ finals but unfortunately couldn’t make it as it’s all self-funded.

Ava’s ultimate goal would be to become professional in the cycling world and represent GBR in international tournaments.

We wish you all the best Ava, many congratulations!

For more information on Doncaster BMX Club, please visit their Facebook page ‘DBMX Racing Club’ or follow @bmx_doncaster on Twitter

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