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Local hospital Trust showcases stand-out employee wellbeing service  

Earlier this year, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH) welcomed representatives from NHS Employers to showcase the organisation’s gold standard health and wellbeing offer, which is available to over 7,000 colleagues. 

Operating across two regions and three hospital sites, in recent years the Trust has prioritised the enhancement and development of its health and wellbeing initiatives in a bid to foster a supportive work environment for all colleagues.

The organisation’s commitment has resulted in a comprehensive range of initiatives aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. These offers include complementary therapies, menopause awareness sessions, physiotherapy, counselling, and financial support amongst much else.

One standout initiative is the ‘Know Your Numbers’ drop-in service, providing colleagues with convenient access to blood pressure checks and signposting to further support if needed. By bringing wellbeing services directly to teams, DBTH encourages colleagues take a proactive approach to their own health.

The introduction of the Wellbeing Trolley has been particularly well-received, offering colleagues refreshments and a moment of respite during busy schedules. This initiative not only strengthen team relationships, but also serves as a platform for promoting awareness campaigns and signposting to useful avenues of support within the Trust.

The presence of therapy pets has brought immense comfort and support to both colleagues and patients across the Trust, especially in high-pressure areas such as the Emergency Department. Plans are underway extend these visits to teams working during weekend hours.

DBTH’s commitment to promoting a healthy and supportive work environment has been acknowledged through the Gold Award for Be Well @ Work, recognising the organisation’s efforts in supporting mental health, long-term conditions, and healthy living.

In addition to general wellbeing, DBTH has also taken significant strides in supporting its large female workforce, offering smear clinics at more convenient times to fit around shift schedules and a free menstruation product pilot scheme within toilets and changing rooms across sites. These initiatives have contributed to breaking down barriers surrounding taboo subjects in women’s health and fostering a more inclusive and supportive working environment.

Last year, DBTH received Menopause Friendly Accreditation, becoming one of only 15 organisations locally to achieve this recognition and demonstrating their dedication to supporting women through various stages of their careers.

The Health and Wellbeing Team’s weekly Wellbeing Wednesday sessions have been a prominent feature of this support, offering informative sessions on menopause-related topics and a team of trained advocates have supported colleagues and line managers on the menopause journeys of all at DBTH.

Mel Schneider, NHS Employers Health and Wellbeing Senior Programme Officer, said: “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to visit your organisation, it has been truly eye-opening to see all the fantastic work you do to support the wellbeing of your staff. The passion and care you put into all your wellbeing initiatives is commendable, and is clearly reflected in your ever-improving staff survey results as well. Thanks again.”

In April, the Trust achieved their most impressive staff survey results, scoring higher on 71% of questions that far surpassed the national average and 94% of results seeing an improvement from the previous year.

Notably, evidence showed improvements in health and wellbeing, with 66.7% of respondents agreeing that the organisation takes positive action on health and well-being and 74.6% agreeing DBTH is an inclusive workplace that respects individual differences. Additionally, highlights from the questionnaire revealed the Trust had improved scores for ‘We are compassionate and inclusive’, ‘We are recognised and rewarded’ and ‘We each have a voice that counts’.

Zoe Lintin, Chief People Officer at DBTH, said: “We’re delighted to share our extensive health and wellbeing offer with NHS Employers and contribute to the conversation about colleagues’ wellbeing in the NHS Trusts.”

“Our Health and Wellbeing service is a cornerstone of our commitment to maintaining a supportive and inclusive work environment for all our teams at DBTH, where colleagues can flourish both personally and professionally. As one of the biggest employers locally, we are proud to promote these fantastic initiatives and take meaningful action to ensure all our colleagues are supported to do what they do best whilst caring for our local communities.”

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