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Local hospitals release festive sing-along

Nurses, doctors and other health professionals at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals (DBTH) have penned and performed their own Christmas carol, highlighting the strides in patient care made by the Trust in 2019.

Called the ’12 Ways of Sharing How We Care’, the tuneful take on the xmas classic ’12 Days of Christmas’ features around 50 Trust colleagues, from executive directors to ward staff, counting down a number of innovative projects introduced at the local hospitals. The performance also features a number of talented students from Hall Cross Academy, the Trust’s partner ‘Foundation School in Health’, musically accompanying the clinicians.

In just four and a half minutes, the ensemble recaps some of the Trust’s proudest achievements for the year, including:

  • Traffic light hats for new born babies
  • New hydration processes and the adoption of traffic-light coloured lids for water jugs
  • Fluid balance charts to monitor a patient’s intake and outtake of water
  • Digital Transformation to ensure the Trust makes the best use of technology
  • ‘Sharing How We Care’ approach to learning and patient safety
  • ‘Sharing How We Care For You’ bedside booklets for patients
  • ‘Making Mealtimes Matter’ which looks to ensure that patients eat well
  • Increased visiting hours following engagement with local people
  • ‘Time to Clear the Air’ which looks at cutting-down smoking on-site
  • New welcome boards for wards and inpatient services
  • And finally the adoption of materials for the dissemination of the mental health capacity act.

Throughout the past 12 month, the Trust has worked extremely hard to improve its processes to improve the quality of care it delivers for patients, as well as enhancing its communications techniques. With many successful projects to look back on underneath the umbrella brand of ‘Sharing How We Care’, this approach was recently recognised at the latest Patient Safety Learning Awards in London, with the Trust picking up  ‘Shared Learning’ prize.

Cindy Storer, Acting Deputy Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professionals, said: “This Christmas, we decided to bring together some of the Trust’s singing superstars and heroes of health care, to celebrate the work we have done, as a team, throughout the past year. Colleagues work incredibly hard every single day of the year to keep our patients safe and well looked after, and we thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate this, saying a big ‘thank you’ and ‘merry Christmas’ to every member of Team DBTH.”

The festive film can viewed on YouTube, by following this link and also features on the Trust’s social media platforms.


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