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Mayor’s draft budget announces extra funding to tackle fly-tipping in Doncaster

Doncaster, like the rest of the country, has noticed an increase in fly-tipping during the pandemic. 

In a bid to clamp down on the issue, the Mayor’s 2021-22 draft budget proposals include increased investment to clean up fly-tipping and more resources to support enforcement activity. 

If approved at Full Council on 1st March, the extra funding will provide more resources to pick up rubbish, improve cleansing and carry out more enforcement and awareness raising activities. 

Resources will be dedicated towards hotspot areas and increased CCTV covert operations will help catch those who dump rubbish. 

Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones said: “Through Doncaster Talks surveys, our residents have told us that making Doncaster cleaner and greener and eliminating fly-tipping is one of their top priorities, and it is also mine. Fly-tipping is a criminal act and we are determined to hold these criminals to account and stop them ruining Doncaster’s landscape by dumping their disgusting rubbish in our green and urban areas.

“Increased resources will not only mean we can respond to clearing fly-tipping incidents quicker, but will also focus on catching those responsible and taking legal action as well as educating local residents, landlords and businesses about how to dispose of their waste correctly. With this three pronged attack, we are continuing our efforts to make Doncaster a cleaner and greener place for all to enjoy.”

Doncaster Council has prosecuted eight people for fly tipping offences during 2020, with a further 21 cases still waiting to be heard as a result of court delays caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. A total of 73 Fixed Penalty Notices were also issued.

To find out more information about how to dispose of waste responsibly, report issues and to see our latest campaign on fly-tipping visit 

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