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Parking safety stepped up outside schools

Parking on ‘school keep clear’ markings outside schools at drop off and pick up times is a significant issue that Doncaster Council is seriously cracking down on in a bid to improve the safety of pupils, staff and residents.

Ignoring yellow zig zags, parking on double white and yellow lines, blocking entrances and exits and even mounting the curb are all examples of the kind of behaviour witnessed outside the school gates.

High tech enforcement cameras have been placed in key spots outside schools in Doncaster to catch motorists who flout the rules and put safety at risk. Drivers who enter the restricted areas will be caught on camera and issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £70. The cameras are operated by the council’s parking enforcement team and safer roads team working in conjunction with schools, and they have already been trialled in some areas where they have worked well as an added safety measure.

The cameras operate during school term time at morning and afternoon drop off and collection times. They will only be used for enforcement purposes on the keep clear restriction zones and footage will be reviewed by trained civil enforcement officers before any enforcement action is taken.

Councillor Joe Blackham, Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Enforcement said: “We receive complaints on a regular basis from concerned schools, parents and residents about road safety outside of schools. Most parents do park considerately but I have been appalled at the shocking and selfish behaviour of some of the motorists who park illegally and endanger the lives of children by creating a dangerous place to walk through. Parking restrictions are in place for a reason and should not be ignored – not even when you are in a rush to get to work and school!

“This innovative camera technology is designed to promote a safer environment around our school gates by reducing congestion, which in turn improves air quality and improves the environment. I hope we can also encourage parents to reconsider the need to drive to school and choose alternative means of travel such as walking, cycling or scooting or if this is not possible then at least parking further away and walking the rest of the way. The safety of children is our biggest concern which is why we have really stepped up enforcement action in these problem areas.”

The redeployable nature of the cameras mean that once improvements in an area are secured, the parking enforcement team can relocate the cameras to other areas where problems have been identified. Funds raised from fines will be put back into expanding and improving road safety in and around schools.

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