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Public safety receives boost

Public safety in Doncaster will receive a significant boost as Doncaster Council invests in a more sustainable, flexible and effective network of CCTV cameras.

This investment is for the benefit of community safety and to tackle crime and disorder issues in Doncaster.

The new state of the art CCTV cameras will use pan, tilt and zoom technology to give a 360 degree view and a clearer picture of potential offences and keep the streets safer.

Doncaster Town Centre and the areas of Thorne and Moorends will receive the new technology. Meanwhile the council intends to take what parts we can from the relocatable cameras to refurbish these so that they can be used in other areas of the borough.

Mayor Ros Jones, said: “Peace of mind is key for residents all day, every day. That’s why I’m really pleased that this investment will provide reassurance to members of the public.”

The new cameras are in the process of replacing some of the existing cameras that have seen service for close to three decades. The upgrade of the well-establish CCTV network will mean that the town will have one of the most technically advanced systems in the region.

Portfolio Holder for Communities, Voluntary Sector and the Environment, Cllr Chris McGuinness said; “Investment in this improved surveillance will allow us to respond and react to crime and anti-social behaviour in known crime hotspots. We are looking forward to capturing better quality images which hopefully give us a better idea of would be perpetrators, who will subsequently be punished.

“This includes the use of flexible, deployable cameras which will also be introduced to catch fly tippers in known locations.”

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