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Royal Opera House announces new partnership with Doncaster schools

The Royal Opera House has launched its 2019/2020 season and for the first time, the The Royal Opera House’s national learning programme will be coming to Doncaster.

The programme which as already engaged with more than 35,000 students, 531 schools and 1,255 teachers across the country, will now be coming to the north of England to partner up with Doncaster!

The Royal Opera House will work Doncaster Creates (culture development programme), Cast (Doncaster’s £22m performance venue) and Doncaster Council to work with every school in the city over three years, through the ROH National Learning Programme. That’s right, EVERY school in Doncaster will have to chance to be apart of this special opportunity.

Through working with every school in the area, the project aims to create a new version of the Chance to Dance programme, giving access to ballet to all different types of children, children who may never have a chance to explore the world of ballet. This will all lead to a community performance in summer 2020 as well as a performance from The Royal Ballet, making it the first time history that the company will perform in Doncaster.

The Royal Opera House works with local and national dance education partners to create more opportunities for aspiring young performers so they can engage in further training that may not be accessible currently, especially for those who face difficulty accessing existing opportunities or come from different backgrounds.

Deborah Rees, Director for Cast said: ‘This partnership marks a shared ambition for culture in Doncaster. Positive outcomes for local young people remain our greatest challenge as a town and our most exciting opportunity to inspire a generation.

‘Culture should be an essential part of every childhood, so to see every school participate and enjoy in this fantastic cultural experience is a great step forward in our collective responsibility to help our children thrive.’

More details of about the Ballet Gala in 2020 and the national learning programme will be released later this year.

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