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The Circus with a purpose continues their valuable work!

Circus Starr are excited to return to Doncaster with their inclusive circus inspired show.

This year’s event will be different as it is held indoors rather than in their Big Top Tent.

Due to rising costs and logistical challenges the not for profit is unable to hold their show outdoors this year. However, they are proud to be able to continue their valuable work by holding their accessible show indoors, meaning that deserving families don’t miss out on experiencing a magical performance.

Unlike a commercial circus, the CIC adapts the event to suite their unique audience by lowering the volume, toning down the lights, providing sensory packs and offering free tickets.

Their whole operation is only possible thanks to kind donations from community driven businesses in the area.

Their 2024 production promises to amaze the vulnerable and disabled children in attendance, as it see’s the return of Ringmistress Mariska Gandey.

Joining her on stage will be the hilarious Brazilian clown, Lukinha, and acrobatic skills from the charismatic Fingers Crossed!

Fundraising director Michelle Crossley is looking forward to the Spring tour. “We love sharing our magical art form with those who usually miss out! I am so happy that we can still share a fabulous show with the community, despite the challenges we are currently facing. Thank you so much to all the businesses who have helped us continue our valuable work in their town.”

The community interest company relies on donations to be able to hold their inclusive events, and contact local business in each are they visit to see if they would like to cover the cost of a child’s ticket. Donations are welcomed by anyone who would like to help make a difference.

The performances will be held at 4.45pm and 7pm at Legacy Centre on Tuesday 25th June.

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