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Thousands of people in Doncaster supported to stay active at home

Thousands of people in Doncaster are being supported to stay physically active at home thanks to Sport England funding and Get Doncaster Moving.

The Staying Strong at Home booklet, created by Get Doncaster Moving, aims to empower and support people to be more active at home by giving some simple examples of exercises that can be done without needing any equipment, access to the internet or open outdoor space.

The booklet, which contains a mixture of chair-based exercises and standing exercises, as well as advice on looking after overall wellbeing, will be posted out to over 17,000 households in Doncaster within the coming weeks, to residents living with long-term health conditions and/or are unable to access the internet.

The booklet is also available for anyone to download online for their own use or to share with others at Additional paper copies of the booklet are also available on request for local community groups who might like to distribute them within their own networks, by contacting

This was made possible thanks to funding received from Sport England, who are currently running a national, high profile #stayinworkout campaign to further support people across the country to keep active safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Clare Henry, Public Health Specialist, Doncaster Council said “There are over 17,000 people living with long-term health conditions in Doncaster. We all know that being active has numerous physical and mental health benefits, but it isn’t always easy to know where to start. The Staying Strong at Home booklet offers some practical exercise tips and encouragement to some of those who may be struggling at the moment and will be delivered straight to people’s homes, as well as online, enabling more people to have access to this support.”

The Staying Strong at Home booklet compliments the recently released resource created by South Yorkshire-based sporting charity Active Fusion, who, thanks to Sport England funding awarded to them via the Get Doncaster Moving team, were able to create and distribute their “PE Parent” booklet to support local Doncaster families keep active together and entertain children during lockdown. Around 7000 copies have already been sent to local households and schools, with an online version available to download by visiting

Lindsy James, Director of Active Fusion commented: “’We wanted to ensure that during this time children are not missing out on Physical Education as it’s vitally important to overall physical health and mental wellbeing.  By providing an accessible digital and physical resource we have been able to give families the tools to create positive, engaging sessions for all young people.”

Get Doncaster Moving aims to help Doncaster’s communities become healthier and more vibrant, by increasing participation in physical activity and sport. Find out more here:

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