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Three stone weight loss in 16 weeks by eating pizza

When Susie joined her local Slimming World she had no idea just how life changing it would be. Susie admits that the weight was creeping on and the excuses kept flowing, therefore on 16th October 2019 she decided enough was enough and joined her local Slimming World group in Askern where in just 16 weeks she has lots a staggering 3 Stone 6.5 pounds to date. Here’s Susie’s journey so far….

When asked what caught her eye about Slimming World Susie told Doncaster Echo: “It’s not about counting or restrictions, it’s all about free food and healthy extras which I like.”

Susie found herself asking how is it possible to eat as much as you like on certain foods and still lose weight? “It’s crazy but it’s true” she marvels.

Susie’s downfall has always been bread, but with the help of Slimming World Susie now has a great hack which involves keeping bread in the freezer so she can have some within plan if she fancies it but won’t overindulge like she may have before.

Susie wouldn’t have been able to do this without her group: “I attend class every Monday at Alexander House in Askern which I think is a really important part to the journey. The support you receive, not only from the consultant but everyone else who attends the group is so helpful and I honestly think I would struggle otherwise.”

“Laura took over the group just a couple of weeks after I joined the group and the enthusiasm and energy she brings both inside and outside of group is second to none, she provides constant motivation and encouragement (plus the odd kick up the backside if we need it) which I think is just what you need from a consultant!”

Before Susie joined Slimming World she never thought she would be able to enjoy favourite recipes such as pizza and fish and chips and still be on plan and lose weight each week, but with Slimming Worlds ‘Fakeaway’ recipes this is absolutely possible

“My favourite recipe has to be Slimming World pizza, made using a wrap for the base and cheese within my healthy extra allowance, I love to put things like ham or beef, onions, mushrooms, peppers, sweet corn and so much more which is all free on the plan, with a little tomato and garlic puree for the base sauce, simply cook it in the oven for 10 minutes and you have a delicious pizza to indulge on and still lose weight!”

As well as all these fabulous lifestyle changes towards her cooking and eating Susie has also taken the plunge and joined the local gym “to tone up any wobbly bits.”

“Slimming World for me isn’t just a “diet” it’s a life changing choice and one which I intend to continue.”

Susie’s consultant Laura says of Susie: “Although I have only known Susie for a short space of time, I have been lucky enough to support her throughout most of her journey, she is such a wonderful and caring member of the group, she always has great ideas to share and support for the rest of the group, she is so inspiring and an invaluable member of the group and just seeing the change in Susie’s confidence in such a short space of time is heartwarming and fills me with joy, I am so proud of Susie and how far she has come and I’m confident she will reach her dream target weight in no time!”

If you would like to meet more inspiring members like Susie and get support in reaching your dream weight, then pop along to a Slimming World group in your area and let the magic begin.

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